Commerce & Trade

Trade has always overcome borders, whether between companies, countries or in the age of digital commerce between analogue and digital. Goods and services of all kinds can be bought and sold over the internet at any time and more quickly than by traditional channels.

But the market participants’ basic needs are still the same: while some expect correct information on products and prices and problem-free delivery, others expect their goods to be paid for in full and on time. The protection of customer data and transaction data is of importance for both sides. To ensure this, the conclusion of contracts in digital form on digital commerce platforms has to take place just as securely as in a classical sourcing agreement. E-payment systems have to function reliably and online-trading and stationary distribution have to be perfectly synchronised, regardless of whether franchise, commercial agency or authorised dealer systems are involved.

The goal must be to optimise sourcing, logistics and sales (whether online or offline, direct sales or through agents) on a sustained basis, for example by concentrating resources and outsourcing business processes without sacrificing quality or the integrity of business partners; and without risking breaches of national and international export and customs rules.