Family-owned businesses and private clients

Family-owned businesses represent true entrepreneurship and are rightfully described as the backbone of our economy. They think and act sustainably across generations. They are innovative, have strong regional roots and are internationally successful. And they embody their own unique values.

 Where one highly complex system – the company business – meets another – the family – there is high potential for conflict. In addition, legal and tax regulations may burden the value created and the family’s assets.

 In company law terms, the question arises in particular about the most appropriate legal form which combines strict management with tax-efficient structures and at the same time allows businesses to tap into markets and capital. The ideal company structure (corporate governance) – whether owner-managed or managed by external directors, with advisory boards or supervisory boards and with a suitable structure for the family (family governance) – can relieve tensions and reduce the potential for conflict.

 But, naturally, disputes cannot always be avoided. Conflicts and arguments in shareholder families, between groups of shareholders, executive bodies and heirs can hinder a company’s ability to act and can destroy value. A sense of proportion is required, but also assertiveness on the part of those acting.

Tax law for companies and entrepreneurs, private individuals and heirs has become so strictly regulated and complex that it is virtually impossible for taxpayers to understand, let alone deal with. And the regulatory frenzy of the fiscally motivated tax legislator continues, as is clear not least from the numerous inheritance tax reforms. Tax burdens can destroy value.

Corporate and asset succession is one of the most important challenges in the life of an entrepreneur or a high-net-worth individual. This not only requires tax and legal know-how, including in the area of foundations, but also empathy and understanding of the family situation.

All of this adds up to a lot of responsibility – for your company, your employees, your family and your assets. We help you meet this responsibility.