Financial Services Regulation 

The financial sector offers major opportunities, yet poses many challenges due to the nature of financial services regulation.

The requirements of the regulatory authorities are demanding and fluid, testing the structures of banks, insurers, financial services companies and, increasingly, even companies outside the sector. Examples of this include more intensive consumer protection, European harmonisation rules, and varied and strict compliance regulations. Mastering these challenges is vital due to the increased sanctions available to financial regulators.

Companies must also keep pace with technical developments and ensure that they take advantage of the resulting opportunities for their businesses. Innovations and new technologies, such as artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency, provide not just new prospects, but also risks. Cost pressure has been increasing due to consolidation within the sector, consistently low interest rates and increased market competition in the form of new companies such as fintechs or InsurTechs. Finally, unpredictable political situations (such as Brexit, sanctions and embargoes) make long-term planning difficult.

In this increasingly complex environment, companies that want to keep their market position at a national, European and global level and seize the available business opportunities need the specialist services of a strong partner.