Private Equity 

The private equity market is in a state of flux. Changes in the economic, tax and regulatory environment for investors, private equity managers, banks and other lenders such as private debt funds have led to adjustments in investment structures and investment objectives and to a new investment culture. At the same time, the challenges associated with developing companies´ business operations and implementing value enhancement strategies have grown.

Private equity investors are engaging in investment management strategies that focus on internationalising business models, setting up and expanding distribution channels (e.g. online trading platforms or franchising concepts), extending value chains, implementing buy-and-build strategies, consolidating competitive situations or establishing a strong brand presence. This applies even more so in the venture and growth capital sector, which is currently subjecting entire industries such as the retail sector to profound change and reorganisation.

In an investment business marked by increasing complexity and competition, this means that successful investments depend not only on a good instinct for suitable opportunities but also on choosing the right structure and having advisors who can implement sophisticated investment strategies.