Product Liability & Product Compliance

Our firm has been a leader in product liability and product safety as well as technical compliance and product recalls for decades. The fact that today products are manufactured and distributed internationally means that global product liability risks are growing. Rapid technological progress is accompanied by a sharp increase in EU technical regulation and above all by much greater and more efficient pressure from monitoring by the European market surveillance authorities. Consequently, one of the highest priorities for companies is to establish a secure international position and to take out sufficient insurance “just in case”.

We take a comprehensive approach to product liability. Our industry expertise ranges from the automotive industry to mechanical and plant engineering, medical products, construction products, electrical and electronic products, and all kinds of consumer products. We advise industry, commerce and e-commerce both with respect to B2B and B2C. Our practice combines civil and criminal product liability with excellent product regulatory expertise, complemented by legal advice on insurance law and a strong command of competition law. We see ourselves as a strategic partner in critical product-related situations for companies of all sizes.