Restructuring & Insolvency

The regulatory framework for the reorganisation of companies is becoming increasingly complex. Following the successful introduction of protective shield proceedings, a new set of rules has been introduced in the form of a restructuring framework. The new framework proceedings will enable reorganisation measures to be enforced even against the will of individual creditors, with little court involvement and without conducting a formal insolvency proceeding. This opens up new possibilities, but also leads to more responsibility for the stakeholders. Creditors, as well as business owners and directors, now face increasing demands in restructuring situations in order to take advantage of the new legal options.

Restructuring and insolvency situations require unique expertise, care, and discretion. We have long-standing insolvency and company law expertise which enables us to provide full support to our clients. This includes advice on standstill and settlement agreements, the negotiation of financing agreements, and the use of in-court procedures to restructure businesses. In addition to legal services we also offer crisis consulting via our subsidiary Noerr Consulting AG, including advice on potential reorganisation, interim management, and debtor-in-possession administration during receivership. We also advise on, and assume an active role in, restructuring related trust structures.

Our advice has, on many occasions, contributed to companies being saved from insolvency or being preserved by selling the business (or individual divisions) during insolvency. These companies are now successfully operating on the market today, to the benefit of all involved and the best possible satisfaction of creditors.