Restructuring & Insolvency

The regulatory framework for the reorganisation of companies is becoming increasingly complex. With “protective shield proceedings”, German legislators recently created an attractive possibility for rescuing companies in insolvency proceedings from being broken up in crisis situations. This development leads to more possibilities, but also leads to more responsibility for those acting in this respect. Not only entrepreneurs and managers but also creditors are now exposed to increasing demands in restructuring situations if they want to take advantage of all possibilities available to them. 

Restructuring and insolvency situations require special experience, care, and discretion. We provide reliable support due to our insolvency and company law expertise. This includes advice on standstill and settlement agreements, as well as financial negotiations and the use of court instruments to reorganise companies. Through Noerr Consulting AG, we also offer crisis consulting services ranging from advising on potential reorganisation to interim management to debtor-in-possession administration during receivership. Finally, we also assume the role of a “two-way trustee” during the reorganisation phase. 

Our advice has, on many occasions, contributed to companies being saved from insolvency or being preserved from selling the business (or individual divisions) during insolvency. These companies are successfully operating on the market today to the benefit of all involved and to the best possible satisfaction of creditors.