ElektroG Recast


In July 2015, the legislative bodies Bundestag and Bundesrat adopted a recast of the German Act on the placing on the market, return and environmentally sound disposal of waste electrical and electronic equipment (ElektroG), transposing Directive 2012/19/EU into national law. It will prospectively come into force beginning of 2016. For manufacturers without a German branch, the new law imposes extensive changes, as they will not be able to register or stay registered themselves in the future. Companies affected must either establish a German branch or appoint a representative resident in Germany vis-à-vis Stiftung EAR within six months from the entry into force of the new law. Otherwise Stiftung EAR will revoke the formerly granted registration. Furthermore, the new law reorganizes and extends the take-back obligations for used electrical appliances for retailers. For the beginning of manufacturer´s capacity, the recast no longer focusses on the “placing on the market”, but on the “offering for sale”. The current ten appliance categories of the ElektroG will be replaced by an open scope on 15 August 2018, extending the applicability of the law significantly.


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