The State Aid Scheme for Assets is Most Likely to be Modified

According to this, the annual budget for the scheme will increase to EUR 145 million compared to EUR 100 million as previously stated, whereas the sessions for submitting financing requests will last 20 working days. The Ministry of Public Finance will announce the beginning of each session 30 working days before the date fixed for their opening.
Another major novelty would be the implementation of a scoring procedure for selecting those financing requests, that will go further into analysis for obtaining the Financial Agreement. The score will be determined based on various criteria such as investment value, initial investment category, investment location, profitability and share capital, and will be communicated within 5 working days from the closing of the session.
The state aid scheme for assets was launched in 2014 by the Ministry of Public Finance, with the main purpose to support regional development through investments higher than EUR 10 million. Currently, there are 9 investment projects approved on this state aid scheme with a total state aid value of approximately EUR 97 million.