Are you considering building a plaza? - Not Today


After the commencement of an infringement procedure in 2013, the problematic “PlazaStop” Act, which had been technically a section in the Construction Act, terminated in January 2015. Based on the terminated sections, any trading constructions the floor space of which might have exceeded 300 sqms, could not be built in Hungary.

A new PlazaStop section became effective on February 1, 2015. Due to the effective legislation, if the floor space of a trading construction exceeds 400 sqms, an application for a building license must be submitted to the Governmental Office of the Region of
Hajdú-Bihar, which decides if the license may be obtained by the trading company or not. According to the routine of the Governmental Office, it seems that between 2012-2015 the license could be only granted to Hungarian companies, although there is no specific information regarding this. The Governmental Office does not provide any data related to this issue, since it does not consider the applicants’ name as data of public interest.

This fact also raised the interest of the European Commission, which has begun the unofficial collection of information as part of the infringement procedure.

While the procedure has just commenced, it is unknown if this infringement procedure is part of that started in 2013, or a separate, new procedure.