First steps towards a regulatory framework for the civil use of drones in Germany


Since the use of drones – also known as unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) – has become established in the military sector, questions about the permissibility of their application in a civil context have recently become an important issue. The small remotely controlled aircraft potentially serve unlimited purposes. Applications to take aerial photos, inspect infrastructure installations and transport goods for test purposes are significantly increasing. Authorities at national and international level have begun to use drones for civil applications in regular airspace and to create an harmonized regulatory framework to address relevant safety, privacy and security issues. In Germany, the legislator has amended the relevant air traffic regulations (LuftVG, LuftVO) to give the aviation authorities responsibility for issuing flight permits for the commercial operation of drones. Experts expect huge potential growth for the emerging commercial drones market with the possibility of a billion-dollar market in the near future. The development and service industries involved should consider regulatory and privacy restrictions and changes.


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