Hungary: Labour Law reform entering into force 1st January 2019 brings changes in overtime regulation


The most recent amendments to Hungary’s Labour Code entered into force 1st January 2019. The reform includes changes of overtime work regulation and modifies work scheduling.

  1. Overtime work

Based on a mutual agreement between both parties, a new annual maximum of 400 hours overtime work is possible. Overtime work is composed as follows: 250 hours can still be ordered unilaterally by the employer in a given calendar year. Only an additional increase by 150 hours requires a written agreement between the employer and employee. This is called „voluntary overtime work” by the legislator.

The employer is also obliged to maintain a record of agreements covering voluntary overtime work.

  2. Scheduled working time

As before, the employer may alter the work schedule for a given day upon the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances in its business or financial affairs, at least 96 hours in advance. Since 1st January 2019, the employee may ask upon written request for a change of the work schedule without delay.