New provisions concerning vehicle registration in Poland


The Polish government is currently working on new provisions concerning vehicle registration. The overall objective of the planned amendment is the introduction of professional vehicle registration into Polish law. The draft assumptions for the act amending the Act on Road Traffic as of June 20, 1997 were published at the beginning of the year. The bill is under preparation.

Representatives of the automotive industry as well as research entities had already called for the introduction of the said provisions in previous years, arguing that it would be of advantage to their business and research activities.

Similar provisions already exist in other Member States. Due to the fact that introduction of mutual recognition of professional registration certificates is planned at EU level, the steps are to be taken to prevent a situation in which Polish entrepreneurs would be at a disadvantage compared to entrepreneurs from the other EU countries, where professional registration procedures have already been adopted.

Under the current legislation, a separate registration procedure has to be conducted for every vehicle. Needless to say, the process is time-consuming, especially if a large number of cars have to be registered simultaneously. Due to the fact that non-registered vehicles cannot be operated on roads, if a car distributor offers a test drive, he is also obliged to register all the cars used for this purpose.

The amendment is targeted at producers and distributors as well as research entities and testing authorities. Once the amendment comes into force, the above-mentioned entities will be given the possibility to apply for a one-off decision on the professional registration of vehicles; at the time of its issuance they will be given up to 100 blank professional registration certificates, together with professional registration plates. All the vehicles used in this manner will be entered into a register which the said entity is obliged to keep.

In general, a professional registration certificate will be valid for 30 days from the date it was completed, but not longer than until the end of the period of validity of the decision on professional registration. The professional registration certificate granted at the request of a research entity or any other authority conducting tests of vehicles, equipment or components will be valid for 6 months from the date it was completed, which is a reasonable solution taking into account that type approval tests and procedures last longer than 30 days.

The documents will be secured. Unlike in the case of temporary registration, professional vehicle certificates will not be centrally personalized because such a scheme would not be consistent with the objective of the amendment, i.e. a reduction of the administrative burden and frequency of contact with the registration authority. The draft assumptions include maximum prices of blank certificates and registration plates. Issuance of the decision on professional registration of a vehicle is to cost up to PLN 100, a blank professional registration certificate – PLN 20. As far as professional registration plates are concerned, the prices are to be as follows: PLN 80 for a car, PLN 40 for a motorcycle and PLN 30 for a moped.

The cars registered with professional registration certificates can only be used by the persons owning the said certificate, or their employees. It will be strictly forbidden to forward the documents concerning professional vehicle registration, including blank certificates and registration plates, to third parties. As an exception to the principle, it will be allowed to make a vehicle available to a potential purchaser in the presence of the person owning the certificate or his employee, e.g. during the test drive.

According to the estimates of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction, the planned amendment could result in significant savings for automotive industry.