New statutory rules for Whistleblowing in Slovakia


Corporations conducting their business in Slovakia are in general aware of the significance of compliance. However, the meaningful implementation of proper governance principles in respect of reporting of misconduct is rare. In order to encourage insiders to report misconduct, new statutory rules of protection of employees – whistleblowers - are implemented in Slovakia for more than year. Still, many employers are not aware of imposed obligations. 

The employers with more than 50 employees shall not forget the obligation to adopt an internal regulation on whistleblowing procedure and familiar employees with this regulation at the start of employment. Hand in hand with this, the employers are obliged to receive and prove every report and notify the whistleblowers of the findings, observing the confidentiality about their identity. Hopefully, the reporting will not be only shouting in the dark, but the target audience will be “listening to the wind of change”, which can be unleashed even by breeze from the whistle.   

Discrimination, persecution and sanctioning of employees by reason of reporting the criminal or other antisocial activity is prohibited. If reasonable doubts arise that an employment act was taken against the employee in connection with whistleblowing, the effect of such act may be suspended by the labor inspectorate. If the employment is nonetheless terminated and the termination is invalid, the employer is obliged to grant the employee the wage compensation. Even above the statutory limit, that means for more than 36 months.