Romania: New amendments to the regime of day-workers


On 10 April 2018, Law no. 86/2018 for amending and supplementing  Law no. 52/2011 on the performance of certain seasonal activities by day-workers was published in the Romanian Official Gazette.

Main changes brought by Law no. 86/2018

  • new sectors of activity, such as restaurants or the winemaking sector, have been included as being eligible for hiring day-workers up to a period of 90 days per year or 180 days per year
  • employment intermediaries will be able to broker the demand and the requests for day-working as long as they have been approved by the relevant employment authorities; employment agencies will not have to obtain such accreditation
  • day-workers hired following the brokering by such employment intermediaries can work for the same beneficiary for up to 180 days per year

(Source: the Romanian Official Gazette no. 313/10 April 2018)