Dr. Ádám György Bodor

Attorney (H), State Aid Specialist
Practice Group Regulatory & Governmental Affairs
Practice Group Real Estate Investment Group

Dr. Ádám György Bodor has worked for over four years at HIPA (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency) as an in-house lawyer, gaining experience in the field of state aid and investment law. He has advised in relation to all major investment projects implemented in Hungary in that period and as such, he was responsible for the so-called VIP cash grant/EKD cash grant scheme. He was also involved in the preparation of legislation regulating subsidies in Hungary and the EU (including the new General Block Exemption Regulation of the European Commission and the Government decree on the VIP cash grant).


  • State aid law 
  • Investment advisory


  • Legal studies at ELTE University (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Vice-Head of Department, legal aid service of Budapest
  • In-house lawyer responsible for state aid at HIPA (Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency) 
  • Since 2016 with Noerr
  • Admitted to Budapest Bar Association