Susann Jahn, LL.M.

Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer)
Senior Associate
Practice Group: Digital Business
Practice Group: Healthcare

As a member of the Noerr Practice Groups Healthcare and Digital Business, Susann Jahn advises national and international clients mainly on questions of pharmaceutical law. Her areas of expertise include in particular questions regarding the cooperation between service providers in the German health care system, questions regarding off- and/or online drug distribution including drug advertising as well as reimbursement issues under German health insurance laws. Furthermore, she has experience in drafting national and international contracts, in particular supply contracts, general terms and conditions and contracts in the field of digital trade.


  • Pharmaceutical law including drug advertising law
  • Food law
  • Cosmetics law
  • Feed law


  • Studied „Law in Context“ at the TU Dresden
  • Studied law at the University of Leipzig
  • With Noerr since 2017
  • Admitted to the Dresden Chamber of Lawyers
  • Master's degree program "Pharmaceutical Law (LL.M.)" (part-time)


  • ELSA Alumni Deutschland e.V.

Selected Publications

  • The European Digital Service Infrastructure for eHealth: The first countries go live (together with Evelyn Schulz), in: Digital Health Legal, March 2018, pp 12 et seq
  • Judgement annotation re: LSG Hessen, judgement of 07.07.2016 - L 8 KR 297/15: Social security status of a Nursing Specialist for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine (FD-SozVR 2016, 381180)
  • Judgement annotation re: LSG Berlin-Brandenburg, judgement of 27.04.2016 - L 7 KA 30/14: Conversion of an employment permit after the opening of insolvency proceedings and discontinuation of the activities of an MVZ (FD-SozVR 2016, 381184)