Kristin Kohser

Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer)
Senior Associate
Practice Group: Digital Business
Practice Group: Healthcare

Kristin Kohser advises national and international clients in the fields of food law, commodities law and law related to objects of daily use. Due to her particular expertise in regard to consumer information on food products and following the recent implementation of a new legislative framework in this area she is supporting clients in particular on questions regarding labeling law and packaging design.

A further advisory focus of Kristin Kohser is contract drafting, in particular in the field of e-commerce. She advises globally acting clients on the marketing and distribution of their products via the internet by ensuring that business transactions are conducted on a legally sound basis from the contractual point of view. Furthermore, she assists clients in the implementation of new business concepts.

Moreover, the field of factoring forms a focal point of interest of Kristin Kohser.


  • Food and Food Commodities Law (especially Food labeling, HealthClaims and competition Law)
  • E-commerce & contract drafting
  • Law on Drug Advertising, Pharmaceutical Law
  • Factoring


  • Legal studies at the Technische Universität Dresden
  • Internship at the Country Court Dresden
  • With Noerr since 2013
  • Admitted to the Dresden Chamber of Lawyers

Selected Publications

  • Factoring im europäischen Binnenmarkt – grenzenlose Unklarheit? Wie viel Sicherheit bietet der aktuelle Rechtsrahmen (with Wolf Stumpf), in Finanzierung Leasing Factoring (FLF), 3/2017, p. 77
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  • Bach-Blüten RESCUE vor dem EuGH – Erste Hilfe für die HCVO? Anmerkung zum BGH- „Rescue“ (with Bärbel Milsch), in: ZLR 2015, p. 484
    Die neue Europäische Lebensmittelinformationsverordnung (LMIV) – Sicher umsetzen, richtig kennzeichnen. (with Evelyn Schulz), in: Beuth Verlag 2014
  • New european food information law from 13 December 2014 (with Evelyn Schulz) in: Australian Product Liability Reporter, November 2014
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  • Insolventer Factor – Ansprüche des Factoring-Kunden (with Wolf Stumpf), in: Finanzierung, Leasing, Factoring (FLF)
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