Mario Merget

Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), certified specialist in employment law
Senior Associate
Practice Group: Employment & Pensions
Practice Group: Data Privacy


  • Employment law
  • Collective employment law
  • Collective wage and works constitution law
  • Individual employment law
  • External staff deployment and employee leasing
  • Employee data protection
  • Sports law


  • Legal studies at the Humboldt-University in Berlin and at the Universidad Pública de Navarra in Pamplona (Spanien)
  • Time abroad in Pamplona (Spain)
  • Doctoral studies at the Humboldt-University of Berlin
  • Research associate at the Chairs of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Law at the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Research associate at the Institute of Sports Science at the Humboldt University of Berlin
  • Legal traineeship at the Berlin Court of Appeal, including stations at the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a law firm in Los Angeles
  • Lawyer at a major international law firm in Berlin
  • With Noerr since 2018
  • Admitted to the Berlin Chamber of Lawyers


  • Member of the German Lawyers’ Association
  • Member of the Berlin Lawyers’ Association

Selected Publications

  • 01/2022 "Deadline for implementation of the Whistleblower Directive expired - consequences for companies" - DER BETRIEB, booklet 5, Page 246-Page 247
  • 05/2021 Entitlement to home office work by the back door due to restructuring? - DER BETRIEB, Booklet 19, P. 1013
  • 11/2020 "The prohibition of the use of strikebreakers is constitutional" – EWiR 2020, 665
  • 07/2019 "Criminal aspects of doping" - Commentary in the 78th edition (July 2019) of the HK-AKM, Heidelberger Kommentar für Arztrecht Krankenhausrecht Medizinrecht, C. F. Müller Verlag
  • 06/2018 "Flying staff: Location as the place of usual performance of work", DER BETRIEB, DB1271810
  • 01/2018 "Update – Post-contractual non-competition clauses", AuA Booklet 1/18, Page 19-Page 23
  • 10/2017 "Violation of company policy on the consumption of alcoholic beverages", DER BETRIEB – Employment Law, Booklet 10/17, Page 119
  • 06/2017 "What is legally enforceable? Protection of Competition after end of contract" – AuA, Heft 6/17, Page 350-Page 354
  • 06/2017 "Equal pay: The actual activities performed by the temporary employee are decisive for comparable remuneration.", DER BETRIEB, Booklet 24/17, Page 1395.
  • 05/2017 "Termination of employment after non-official offence" – DER BETRIEB, DB1238059
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