Eszter Sieber-Fazakas, LL.M.

Rechtsanwältin (Lawyer) and attorney-at-law (Hungary)
Associated Partner
Practice Group: Automotive & New Mobility
Practice Group: Liability & Insurance

Eszter Sieber-Fazakas LL.M. is an attorney admitted in Hungary and in Germany, she heads the Commercial & Trade/Digital Business practice group at Noerr Budapest. She supports her clients in setting up tailored commercial concepts for purchasing, distribu-tion and logistics, in Hungarian, English and German language. Eszter is regularly repre-senting her clients at Hungarian and German courts. She advices in all kinds of commer-cial litigation. She is familiar with the preliminary proceedings at the European Court of Justice having represented in such cases.
She advices further on product liability/safety, data protection and IT law. She regularly publishes in product liability and product safety law.


  • Contract law
  • Liability law
  • IT law
  • Data protection law


  • Legal studies at the Universität Passau
  • Postgraduate studies at the University of New South Wales in Sydney (Australia)
  • Paralegal in the product liability department of a major law firm in Sydney (Australia)
  • With Noerr since 2008
  • Admitted in Hungary and in Germany

Selected Publications

  • Neuer "Produktgewährleistungsanspruch" in Ungarn, in: PHi3/2014, p. 118-120
  • New product warranty claim in Hungary, in: Australian Product Liability Reporter 2014 Vol 25 No 5, p. 69.
  • Europäische Kommission plant die Vereinfachung der KFZ-Registrierung in Napi Gazdaság 24.4.2012
  • Unterschiedliche Haftung des Importeurs in Ost- und Westeuropa, in: PHi 4/2011, p. 144
  • Rechtlicher Hintergrund von Automobilrückrufen, in: Auto-Pro 11.2.2011
  • Produkthaftung (co-author), in: Pilz Sicherheitskompendium, chapter 2, 2011
  • Product Liability 2010 Hungary, in: Getting the Deal Through
  • Vergleich der Gesetzgebung und Rechtssprechung im Produkthaftungsrecht in Deutschland, Österreich, England und Australien, in: PHI 4/2008 pp. 140-145 et seq. and PHI 5/2008 pp. 186-196 et seq.
  • Produkthaftung, in: Pilz Sicherheitskompendium, chapter 2, 2017
  • Produkthaftung und Verbraucherschutz, in Handbuch Wirtschaft und Recht in Osteuropa, 2018
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