Meike von Levetzow

Rechtsanwältin, Attorney Specialising in Banking and Capital Markets
Practice Group: Litigation, Arbitration & ADR
Practice Group: Energy

Meike von Levetzow represents national and international clients in arbitration proceedings and before state courts. She specialises in complex cross-border disputes relating to civil, commercial and corporate law matters, and on antitrust damages claims. Her industry focus is on energy/renewable energy, trade and financial markets. Meike has many years of experience in arbitration, covering both acting as party representative in national and international arbitration proceedings and assignments as presiding arbitrator or party-appointed arbitrator. She also advises on banking and capital investment law, and represents clients in this area.


  • National and international arbitration and litigation
  • Energy arbitration and litigation
  • Commercial Disputes (supply relations, post-M&A disputes, financing)
  • Banking and investment law
  • Antitrust damages actions


  • Legal studies at the Universities of Freiburg and Berlin
  • Legal traineeship at an international law firm in Buenos Aires (Argentina) an at the Federal Ministry of Justice
  • Experience with an international investment bank in London (UK)
  • At Noerr since 2004
  • Admitted to the Berlin Chamber of Lawyers


  • German Arbitration Institute (DIS)
  • International Legal Relations Working Group of the German Lawyers´Association (DAV)
  • Banking and Capital Markets Working Group of the GermanLawyers´Association (DAV)
  • Regional coordinator of the German Arbitration Institute´s young arbitrators´initiative DIS40 Berlin (2011 - 2014)

Selected publications

  • Germany: AG Jääskinen’s Opinion and its Implications in the CDC Case (with Kathrin Westermann), in: ABA, 03/2015, pp. 8 et seq.
  • Kommentierung zur DIS-Schiedsordnung (§§ 39, 42, 43) und zu DIS-Ergänzende Regeln für beschleunigte Verfahren 08 (DIS-ERBV) in: Nedden/Herzberg, ICC-SchO/DIS-SchO, Praxiskommentar zu den Schiedsordnungen, 2014
  • Bericht über den 8. Tag des Bank- und Kapitalmarktrechts am 17. und 18.11.2011 in Frankfurt a.M., in: WM 2012, pp. 90, et seq.