4th Edition 2023

Annual Compliance & Fraud Conference Romania

09:00 am
Marmorosch Hotel Bucharest
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Noerr invites you to join our 4th Annual Compliance & Fraud Conference Romania, organised in partnership with Corporate Intelligence Agency, which will take place on 12 December 2023 at the Marmorosch Hotel in Bucharest.

With additional pressure to maintain a genuine compliance culture, this year’s edition will focus on developing and sustaining efficient compliance systems in organisations. We will learn from the best and brainstorm solutions to pressing compliance challenges, including the link between fraud investigations and existing compliance systems.

We will also take a closer look at hot topics in compliance and fraud, including background checks in recruitment processes, how to properly manage conflicts of interest, and when and how to perform a proper fraud investigation. As a special bonus, we will dive deep into ESG fraud assessments: why they matter and how to properly handle them.



  • Annual overview of compliance & fraud trends, current challenges
  • Learn from the best: How to develop and maintain an effective compliance programme
  • Auditing and monitoring compliance programmes
  • Challenging compliance programmes through fraud investigations
  • Whistleblowing: A hot topic gone cold?
  • Background checks during the recruitment process
  • Fraud investigations: When, how and why?
  • Conflicts of interest
  • ESG fraud assessment
  • Data privacy & cyber security: a growing challenge



Alexandru Ene-Drăgan, Partner, Head of Compliance & Litigation Romania, Noerr

Oana Piticaș, White Collar Crime Practice Coordinator Romania, Noerr

Gabriel Zgunea, CEO, Corporate Intelligence Agency, Romania

Maria Maxim, Legal & Compliance Director, Lidl Romania

Alexandra Padurariu, Head of Legal, Compliance & Public Affairs, Samsung Electronics

Mihaela Racles, Legal Compliance Director | General Counsel, Profi

Raluca Botea, Counsel, Public Law & Data Privacy Practice Coordinator Romania, Noerr

Alexandru Dan, Digital Business Practice Coordinator Romania, Noerr

Bogdan Fratiloiu, Group Compliance Director, Sun Wave Pharma

Simona Gemeneanu, Partner & Co-Founder, Morphosis Capital

Razvan Predica, CEO, Affidea Romania



The conference will be held in Romanian language.

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How to get there

Marmorosch Hotel Bucharest
Strada Doamnei 2
030053  Bucharest

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