Russia: COVID-19 digital passes for Moscow and Moscow Region


The list of restricted activities in Moscow and Moscow Region has been considerably extended due to COVID-19[1]. So far the extended restrictions apply from 13 April until 19 April 2020. Access to premises for ensuring security, maintenance of premises and continuous technological processes as well as for payroll is permitted. At the same time travel in Moscow and Moscow Region by any type of transport (including taxi) for business and private purposes requires digital passes. Starting from 15 April 2020 such passes will be mandatorily required.

In Moscow the digital passes can be applied for via the web portal of Moscow city (, by phone (+7 495 777 777 77) or via SMS to 7377.

The system is declarative in nature and anyone can obtain the pass. The pass is a special code consisting of numbers and letters. Once obtained, it can be presented to the police in a hardcopy or on a mobile device. The pass must be accompanied by an identity document (passport), which is specified when submitting the application for the pass.

Passes for employees that are still entitled to come to the office or business premises of the employer are not applied for by the employer, but by the employees.

There are three categories of digital passes:

  • for business travel (it is a long term pass issued for the period until 30 April 2020 for business travel);
  • for travel to medical facilities, and
  • for private travel (one-day passes allowing to travel to a particular destination and back; it can be obtained no more than twice a week).

There is no need to obtain the pass for walking (for example, to go to a store or pharmacy), however, it is still to be done in compliance with the requirements on self-distancing and in limited cases.

The digital passes issued in Moscow will also be valid in the Moscow Region. Similarly, the passes issued in the Moscow Region will be valid on the territory of Moscow.

Please note that the authorities increased the control over self-isolation regime and compliance with other COVID-19 combatting measures. The police is now active in checking digital passes (using a special program in a mobile device). Lack of the digital pass, if required, can lead to a fine for individuals in the amount of up to RUB 30,000 or up to RUB 50,000 if the violation caused harm to human health or property, or in case of a repeated violation.



[1] Order of the Mayor of Moscow No. 43-UM dated 11 April 2020 and
Decree of the Governor of the Moscow Region No. 177-PG dated 11 April 2020

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