Carmen Mazilu

Tax Advisor, Associate


Carmen Mazilu

Carmen Mazilu is member of CECCAR and CCF and has extensive experience in the financial services industry. Carmen specializes in accounting, corporate regulations and tax law. She has advised numerous multinational companies on a wide range of taxation roles, including value added tax, corporate income tax, international taxation, withholding and personal income tax. Carmen was also involved in various domestic and international taxation matters, including transfer pricing preparation, assistance during tax audits, tax reviews and due diligence assignments to clients acting in various sectors such as retail, automotive, real estate & construction, pharma and financial services.


  • Economic studies at Brasov University Economic Studies (Romania)
  • Postgraduate study in Financial Analysis at the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (Romania)
  • Law studies at Bucharest Titu Maiorescu University (Romania)
  • With Noerr during 2006-2011 and since 2019


  • Romanian Chamber of Chartered and Certified Accountants (CECCAR)
  • Romanian Chamber of Tax Consultants (CCF)