2023 Online Edition

Annual Tax & Finance Conference

09:30 am
Horizontal escalator airport

Looking back at the lessons learned in 2023, we can see the paradigm of an inflationist economy with the spectre of budgetary deficits and tax bill increases looming over it.

In this context, bearing in mind the reduction in the tax burden by using the existing tools, ways to optimise cash flow and equity and operational efficiency, during the first part of our event we will discuss the appropriateness of distributing interim dividends, ways to improve equity levels, the tax reduction for reinvested profit, non-reimbursable public funds and other operational issues.

We will also talk about transfer pricing trends with our multi-jurisdictional transfer pricing team at Noerr. And of course we will present the changes to Romanian tax law which were announced or are expected for 2024 and beyond.

Last but not least, as is our longstanding habit, together with our guests we will strive to untangle the differences between automation and artificial intelligence, a topic which is widely debated by the finance community. Given the pressure on the Romanian government budget, we will discuss the importance of a tax risk management strategy with the ultimate goal of business continuity when faced with critically large tax assessment decisions.



Interim dividends – A practical approach

  • Accounting requirements and limitations
  • Tax implications and risk
  • Price adjustment mechanism in M&A transactions

Equity levels – Enterprise performance

  • Legal requirements and risks
  • Ways to optimise
  • Tax incentives

Reinvested profit – The ace up the sleeve of profitable companies

  • The impact on profit tax computation (eligibility, losses carried forward, assets funded from non-reimbursable funds)
  • Accounting challenges

Refund process for state-aid funds – What not to do

Is a paperless policy feasible for the finance department?

  • Archiving – Legal inconsistencies
  • Original documents?
  • Dealing with ANAF

Transfer pricing – Trends

Update on expected tax amendments

Artificial intelligence vs automation in finance and accounting

How to survive critically large tax assessment decisions



Iulian Sorescu, Partner, Head of Noerr Finance & Tax Romania, Noerr (Moderator)

Theodor Artenie, Counsel, Head of Tax Romania, Noerr

Nicoleta Florea, Accountant & Financial Advisor, Head of Accounting & Payroll Romania, Noerr

Carmen Mazilu, Tax Advisor, Noerr

Anja Böhme, Counsel, Tax Advisor, Dresden Office, Noerr

Dan Alexandru, Senior Associate, Digital Business Practice Coordinator Romania

Ionut Georgescu, Founder & CEO, FEPRA


The conference will be held in Romanian language.

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