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Thought leadership – with numerous publications, studies, conferences and webinars we are shaping the debate on digital transformation
Digitalisation is transforming almost all areas of the economy and daily life at a rapid pace. New technologies and business models such as the internet of things, online platforms, mobile apps, artificial intelligence, blockchains, big data analytics and the metaverse are constantly driving change against a backdrop of globalisation and tougher competition for customers.

The internet is our home turf. We have been supporting our clients’ digitalisation processes with innovative solutions for more than 25 years, always taking into account the latest developments in business, politics and science.

Our services

Blockchains, NFTs and smart contracts pose challenges not least with regard to data/data protection, contract and financial supervisory law. With our legal and technical know-how, we help you unlock disruptive potential and develop market-ready products. Take advantage of our successful track record in introducing and applying blockchain technologies.
Companies fall victim to cyber attacks on a daily basis. We help you to prepare for and avoid potential threats (Prevent), detect and respond immediately to cyber attacks, including legal reporting requirements and crisis communication (React), and protect your data and potential legal claims in case of a breach (Respond).
Data is the key raw material of digitalisation and is becoming an economic asset in its own right. Our Data Competence Center, which brings together our data experts from all relevant areas of the law in a unique competence hub, is here to help you with all the challenges that arise during the data life cycle. Among other things, we focus on designing and negotiating data ownership models and data licence agreements.
The triad of internet, data and new technologies is the basis for cutting-edge business models. Based on our in-depth knowledge of both the regulatory aspects and the technology and market sides, our interdisciplinary team gives you clear advice on how to develop a legally compliant business and drafts precise contracts (either model or bespoke) designed to cover all eventualities on the market.
When it comes to the distribution of software, cloud services and platform services, analogue sales and distribution law reaches its limits. We use our expertise at the intersection between IT and distribution law to provide integrated support in setting up customised distribution channels for digital products and services, including commission and authorised dealer systems, commercial agents, selective and sole distribution systems, franchising as well as online and multi-channel strategies.
Connectivity between smart devices poses complex legal challenges. These include liability and product safety law, data security and data protection, regulatory requirements (concerning artificial intelligence when using autonomous systems, for example) and drafting industry-specific contracts. In these times of industrial change, our experienced and technology-savvy team is at your side.
Artificial intelligence is the key technology for generating value from big data. At the same time, AI poses major challenges for the law. How should increasing regulation like the GDPR, AI Act or Data Act be reflected in technical, legal and contractual arrangements? How can risks be minimised or allocated by contract? We are familiar with best practices and provide 360° support for the deployment of AI in your business.
The metaverse is a virtual space that is now emerging where users can interact and do business with each other. Providing legal advice in connection with NFTs, DAO and Web 3.0 is already part of our daily business. We are there to help you when it comes to harnessing the potential of virtual realities in a legally sound way.
We are your one-stop shop for digital platforms of all shapes and sizes. Drawing on our extensive expertise in contract, data protection, competition and antitrust law and platform regulations such as the P2B Regulation, German Network Enforcement Act and the European Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts, we advise online marketplaces, social networks and financial platforms by providing innovative ideas and help them connect the world.
Technology is at the heart of many strategic joint ventures, collaborations and complex M&A transactions. Our wide-ranging and market-leading advice on all legal aspects of new technologies enables us to adeptly assess and mitigate risks in the due diligence process. We also advise targets on IT services or TSAs, reserve TSAs and outsourcing agreements during carve-outs. Our full-service offer means that you benefit from the integrated advice of our established, interdisciplinary transaction team.

Their position as absolute IT specialists, and above all in highly complex outsourcing, is unshakable. This is because Noerr repeatedly uses projects to break new legal ground and in this way to smooth their clients’ path towards digitalisation.

Juve, 2022

Noerr is boasting an incredible bench strength and offering outstanding TMT advice. The firm is particularly appreciated for its expertise in IT law ranging from large outsourcings and global IT infrastructure projects to the implementation of software systems and project.

Chambers 2022


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