Ukraine-Russia Crisis Center

Western countries are currently reacting to the escalation of the conflict in the Ukraine and Russia’s military attack with increasingly stronger economic sanctions. Russia’s attack and the economic sanctions pose many challenges for companies in their business dealings, for example with Russian customers, in regard to joint ventures with Russian partners, for members of supervisory boards or management boards of Russian companies and in regard to payments and capital movements. The issues involved touch on sanctions law, corporate and M&A law, contractual law, export control law, anti-money laundering law and other areas of legal practice.  The Noerr Ukraine-Russia Task Force has answers.

For general information on the economic sanctions, please see the links below:

Germany:  BAFA Embargoes (currently available only in German)
European Union:  EU Sanctions Map
United Kingdom: Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation
USA: Ukraine-Russia related sanctions
Canada: Current sanctions imposed by Canada