Real Estate Acquisition in Brazil, Germany and Hungary


The Brazilian real estate market has been growing over the last years as a result of large-sized infrastructure investments in areas such as airports, transportation, hotels and shopping centres. It is expected that the Olympic Games of 2016 continue to attract further investments.

Germany’s real estate market is booming. In particular, the market for retail, office and residential properties in prime locations benefits from continued investor demand. Rents in prime locations have increased significantly, even though the economic growth rate is only slightly above zero. Dynamic growth is also recorded in the Hungarian real estate market, where demand is rising both in the commercial and residential segments.

Real estate investments can be important in asset planning as a safety and value-oriented investment in tangible assets. Real estate investors are well advised to obtain comprehensive information concerning the proposed form of investment. As a first step, it is critical to look at potential legal risks and local requirements to be fulfilled to successfully ensure any intended transfer of rights to real property.

Against this background, this newsletter offers an overview of real estate acquisition in Brazil, Germany and Hungary, especially with respect to foreign investments and new legislation in Germany and Hungary.

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