Regulatory framework for FinTechs in Germany in 2023


The regulatory framework is undoubtedly of utmost importance for fintech companies and investors as regulatory requirements often represent a significant market entry hurdle, which ultimately determines whether fintechs can offer their innovative business models. In the sixth issue of the Financial Technology Law Review published in May 2023, Dr Jens H. Kunz addresses some of the key regulatory issues for the fintech industry in Germany such as financial and licence requirements for typical fintech business models as well as guidelines and main legal provisions applicable to offering fintech and related services. Current topics discussed in the paper include peer-to-peer lending, cryptoassets and MiCA Regulation, decentralized finance (DeFi) as well as initial coin offerrings. This contribution may be of interest not only to German companies, but also to foreign companies and investors who intend to enter the German fintech market and seek information on regulatory requirements for cross-border provision of services to German customers.

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Financial Services Regulation