A new brand. A new impact.


Noerr, an independent law firm, is positioning itself with its new brand as a progressive force among the top European and global law firms.

Its core promise is maximum effectiveness, sustainability and resilience for listed companies, global family businesses, financial institutions and investors. The partnership is dynamic and digital. The law firm has been conveying this image of itself to its clients for a long time, and the new brand will this make visible for all.

The term “impact” is visually and substantively at the heart of the new brand presence. It stands for having a decisive effect and forms the basis for the lasting economic success of our clients.

“Everything we do serves to substantially advance our clients, that is, to help them assert their interests and improve their market position over the long term,” commented co-managing partner Alexander Ritvay at the presentation of the new brand in Berlin. His co-managing partner Torsten Fett added: “With our new brand, we represent the future of proactive and creative legal advice based on agility, diversity and excellence.”

The new logo reflects this position by suggesting progressive forward movement. The motion pulse stands for the impulses that Noerr creates and for the vibrations and the echo that arise when things come together with an impact.

Three new primary colours symbolise the new Noerr brand image: The luminous bluish purple combines innovative zeitgeist and digital spirit with humanity, empathy and trust. Together with the exciting fusion of black and white, the brand is presented with modern clarity and great self-confidence.

With consistently high growth rates and regularly the highest industry awards, the law firm, which was founded in 1950, is now one of the most successful independent law firms. Its progressive approach is based on a culture of excellent cooperation at all levels, a unique education and training concept as well as a consistent penetration of new technology-driven legal and business areas.



A new brand. A new impact.