IT & Outsourcing

Thanks to the advance of miniaturisation, the constant downward trend in prices for hardware components and rapid progress in the development of the necessary software, IT systems are becoming an integral part of more and more product lines and, consequently, having an impact on more and more areas of their users’ working routine and everyday life. The production, marketing, and use of these products regularly throw up issues relating to IT and data protection law.

At the same time, the rapid growth in computing capacity and the almost endless scalability of new IT systems are allowing previously unknown business models to be put into practice – for example, in e-commerce or the evaluation and marketing of data. This is intensifying a trend, which has already been evident for many years, towards intragroup centralisation or the outsourcing of business-related IT services.

Although companies’ business models and operations are often geared to cross-border activity from the very outset, the key legal framework in which they work is frequently still determined by national regulations in the relevant jurisdictions, and this confronts those companies with major compliance-related demands.