Media Law 

The media industry remains in upheaval. Increasing digitalisation has far-reaching consequences for the use of media and therefore for the distribution of content. Companies have to adjust their business models to stay competitive. In the TV segment, over-the-top (OTT) providers are challenging established television stations; the growing popularity of mobile devices is boosting the trend towards streaming content; and tried-and-tested licence models are being questioned. The advertising market is also being profoundly affected by this upheaval. Online advertising is becoming more effective thanks to big data analysis and the use of artificial intelligence, while content marketing and thus product placement and testimonials are gaining further significance. 
This growing interaction between traditional and new media (media convergence) is increasing the need for legal advice. Broadcasting and platform regulation are the key issues; however, companies from the film, broadcasting, press and television industries, as well as online media, must increasingly rethink their strategies in the areas of copyright, licences and the protection of minors and ensure that they comply with legal requirements.