Wirtschaftswoche: Noerr lawyers in the lists of best lawyers for patent and copyright law


Noerr lawyers are again represented in the lists of best lawyers published by German business magazine Wirtschaftwoche. Thomas Gniadek and Ralph Nack are among the “most renowned lawyers for patent law”. Media law expert Johannes Kreile is one of the “most renowned lawyers for copyright law.”

Munich partner Ralph Nack has been on Wirtschaftswoche's list of best lawyers for years. “I am very pleased that our associated partner Thomas Gniadek has now also been included in this exclusive list, especially in light of the rapidly growing importance of patent litigation for classic industrial clients,” says Ralph Nack. “Wirtschaftswoche rightly points out that patent holders from the chip and mobile phone industries are just beginning to sue OEMs and suppliers from the automotive industry on a large scale. “We at Noerr are perfectly positioned for these automotive patent wars,” adds Thomas Gniadek.

Johannes Kreile is one of the best-known German media law experts on the list of best lawyers for copyright law. The Munich Noerr partner has been counted among the leading advisors in copyright law by the industry service Juve for many years and, in addition to his work for Noerr, for example, as legal advisor and deputy managing director of the trade association Allianz Deutscher Produzenten - Film & Fernsehen e.V. and managing director of the collection society VFF Verwertungsgesellschaft der Film- und Fernsehproduzenten.

Noerr partners are also represented in the other lists of best lawyers published this year by Wirtschaftswoche: Thomas Hoffmann and Christian Pleister (both Frankfurt/Berlin) are among Germany's “most renowned restructurers”. Christian Pleister is also listed among the best corporate lawyers together with Tobias Bürgers (Munich), Alexander Hirsch, Jens Liese (both Düsseldorf) and Thorsten Reinhard (Frankfurt). Jens Liese is also one of the best lawyers for M&A. Andreas Butz (Düsseldorf) and Hans-Christoph Schimmelpfennig (Munich) are listed for employment law, Fabian Badtke (Frankfurt) and Alexander Birnstiel (Munich) for antitrust law, Christian Pelz and Martin Schorn for compliance, Peter Bräutigam and Thomas Thalhofer for IT law, Daniel Rücker for data protection (all Munich) and Olav Wagner (Berlin) for public procurement law.

For the lists of best lawyers, the Handelsblatt Research Institute interviewed more than 1,260 lawyers from 168 law firms. A jury of experts then selected 54 law firms with 83 highly recommended patent lawyers and 28 law firms with 34 highly recommended copyright lawyers from its shortlist.

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