Liability & Insurance

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Companies are at risk of being confronted with serious challenges in the form of natural catastrophes, accidents or technical failures, not to mention attacks from external and internal sources. New challenges such as diversity, sustainability, protection of human rights, climate neutrality and environmental social governance (ESG) have also emerged in recent years. Successful risk management entails not only establishing an adequate compliance management system and corporate governance but also having appropriate insurance coverage in place.

Our team are among the pioneers in advising businesses, insurance companies and governing bodies on D&O liability, D&O insurance, product liability and liability insurance coverage and, more recently, cyber risks. We have decades of client-oriented and interdisciplinary experience in advising and representing companies as claimants or opposing parties and as policy holders or insurers. We represent companies in and out of court when claims for damages are brought against them, and advise them and act on their behalf when pursuing claims for damages and claiming insurance cover. We are convinced that it is impossible to provide advice on liability or insurance in isolation from one other.

In an event of loss or damage, our aim is safeguard and enforce our client’s rights in line with their intended goals in negotiations or court and arbitration proceedings, both in Germany and other countries. The challenges of the digital economy are an additional factor to be considered. Noerr’s Cyber Incident Response Team is experienced in providing immediate support and action in difficult and urgent situations such as cyberattacks.