Carefree holidays at Lake Fuschl in Austria - the Noerr KinderCamp celebrates 10th anniversary


Rumaenische Jugendliche zu Gast im Noerr KinderCamp Juli 2022

The Noerr KinderCamp is celebrating an anniversary: for the tenth time since its opening in 2011 and after a two-year break due to the pandemic, numerous children and young people can once again enjoy a carefree holiday week at Lake Fuschl in Austria.

At the invitation of our law firm, 26 socially disadvantaged children and young people from Germany and Romania will spend a week's vacation at the holiday camp, which consists of wooden wagons, until the end of August. Since 2011, more than 2,300 children and young people from Germany, Romania and Austria have been guests at the Noerr KinderCamp.

"Taking social responsibility is an essential part of our culture - the Noerr KinderCamp is something special that we are very proud of," said Torsten Fett, co-speaker of Noerr." I still remember well how we created the camp together eleven years ago. With KinderCamp, we have the chance to do something good for disadvantaged children every summer."

The Noerr KinderCamp will again take place in 2022 under the proven motto "Forest, meadow, water - experiencing, shaping and understanding nature". The activities, which are compiled into a suitable educational weekly program for the respective group - according to age structure and weather conditions - include extended hikes, stand-up paddling on Lake Fuschl, swimming excursions or even museum visits. In addition to the many sporting and stimulating activities, the children and young people also have enough time for creative things and 'themselves'.

During their time at the Noerr KinderCamp, the children and young people receive educational support from employees of the non-profit organizations with which they attend the camp. "On site, a well-rehearsed team of four also takes care of organizational matters and visitors' questions," said Gerlinde Brenner, who has been organizing the camp since 2011.

This year, the following organizations are sending children and young people to the camp: Stiftung Kinderzukunft (Timișoara, Romania), Kinderheim Pauline von Mallinckrodt (near Siegburg), Horizont e.V. (Munich), Kinder- und Jugendheim Benshausen e.V., Waldoni Kinder- und Jugendstiftung (Darmstadt) and Kindervereinigung Dresden e.V..

"What is fascinating about the camp is the great range of activities: the children and young people get the opportunity to experience nature with all their senses, to experience and test their own limits - whether it is hiking, playing football and badminton, aerobics and dance choreography, slackline balancing, in the climbing garden or in communication games," explained Gerlinde Brenner.

About the Noerr KinderCamp

The Noerr KinderCamp came into being at the end of April 2011: lawyers, tax advisors and auditors from the Noerr law firm took up saws, hammers and paintbrushes at the consultants' conference "Wir 2011" - to lay a colorful foundation stone for many carefree hours.

The Noerr KinderCamp is a holiday camp consisting of eight colorfully painted caravans as well as a shower and a toilet caravan at Lake Fuschl (Austria). Four children can spend the night in each caravan, so there is room for a total of 32 little guests and their caregivers. Since summer 2011, socially disadvantaged children and young people have been able to spend unencumbered holidays at the Noerr KinderCamp. Many of them have never been on holiday before.

The aim is for the children and young people to take the positive experiences they have at the active and sustainable leisure activities at the Noerr KinderCamp with them as impulses for their future lives. The children and young people are pedagogically supervised at the camp, can let their children's souls dangle and enjoy carefree holidays with the tried and tested holiday program.