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Noerr stands for excellence and entrepreneurial thinking. With well-versed teams of strong characters, Noerr devises and implements solutions for the most complex and sophisticated legal matters. United by a set of shared values, the firm’s 500+ professionals are driven by one goal: the client’s success.

Listed groups and multinational companies, large and medium-sized family businesses as well as financial institutions and international investors all rely on the firm.

The Firm

Entrepreneurial Thinking

Noerr’s advisors make their clients’ challenges their own and are always thinking one step ahead. In doing so, they assume responsibility and are at liberty to make their own decisions. The firm is committed to always going the extra mile for its clients and to resolving complex matters with the perfect mix of experience, excellence and sound judgement.

Innovative Solutions

In complex and dynamic markets new approaches are regularly required – and delivered by experts who bring both the know-how and the necessary passion. This is precisely what Noerr excels at: implementing integrated and innovative solutions in the most efficient way.

Global Reach

As one of the top European law firms, Noerr is also well established internationally. With offices in eleven countries and a global network of top-ranked “best friends” law firms, Noerr is able to offer its clients truly cross-border advice. In addition, Noerr is the exclusive member firm in Germany for Lex Mundi, the world’s leading network of independent law firms with in-depth experience in 100+ countries worldwide.

Capacity in Central and Eastern Europe

Noerr has long had its own offices in all major Central and Eastern European capitals. The firm regularly advises on greenfield investments, joint ventures, acquisitions and divestments in Central and Eastern Europe by investors from all over the world. With around 100 professionals, Noerr is one of the leading law firms in the region.

Noerr Group

Noerr LLP – Noerr Consulting AG – TEAM Treuhand GmbH – NOERR AG Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft 


Alicante, Berlin, Bratislava, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, London, Moscow, Munich, New York, Prague, Warsaw


We have defined excellence, trust, passion and team spirit as the basis of this professional collaboration. These are the standards against which we all measure ourselves – and want to be measured.


For us, excellence means providing a world-class service. In doing so, we combine commercially-focused advice with the highest levels of legal expertise. Precision and speed are a given in the services we provide. To achieve excellent solutions for our clients, we field those team members who are most competent to advise on the case. We efficiently implement tried and tested solutions, yet we also foster and highly value innovation, individuality and creativity. The prerequisite for our excellence is our combination of professional know-how, profound client and market knowledge, and dedication. We approach our work with the aim of achieving excellent results.


We rely on one another – everyone, every day. This includes adhering to rules and commitments. We assume full responsibility for our actions, but also for our mistakes. When we are unable to do something, we say so. We are loyal and act with integrity towards our clients, our firm and our colleagues. We rely on the fact that everyone is giving their best. Our entrepreneurial and personal freedom is important to us. In exercising this freedom, we measure ourselves against the high standards of our firm. We do not tolerate compromises in the quality of our work, but demonstrate generosity and tolerance towards one another. We do not compete with one another, but support each other in our competition with other firms.


We solve problems with dedication, pleasure and optimism. We are passionate about our work. Our commitment is infectious, convincing and inspiring. We never lose sight of the objectives of our clients, but we do not allow ourselves to lose our professional independence either. We show personal initiative and are enthusiastic and helpful. We enjoy our work and it shows. We are never short of a smile and like to tackle challenges with a healthy dose of humour. Although we are passionate about our profession, we also know that we need time for family, friends and for ourselves.


We make it possible for each individual to specialise, to distinguish themselves and develop their personal strengths. However, we recognise that we are stronger together. We depend on mutual support, respectful dealings with one another and leadership. We are genuinely interested in one another and give each other support in critical phases. We give and seek open and respectful feedback. We focus on solutions and not on problems. We learn from – and with – others, across departments, offices and countries. We like to see others succeed. That is why we are successful together.



Cultural variety features daily at Noerr. In our 15 offices, over 1,100 staff of more than 20 nationalities are committed to the interests of our clients. Our success is based on the enormous range of their personalities, experience and knowledge. That is why we create an environment in which all our staff can realise their full potential, irrespective of who they are, where they come from, what they believe in and who they love.

Diversity Charter

We have signed the ‘Diversity Charter’ a business initiative to promote diversity in business. Its patron is Bundeskanzlerin Dr. Angela Merkel.
We are convinced that the diverse personalities of our people with their distinctiveness, experience and abilities enable us to better understand the interests of our clients and consequently to better advise them. By signing the ‘Diversity Charter’ we enter into a voluntary obligation which we will gladly fulfil in the interests of our own business.
We adopt the objectives of the initiative which aims at advancing the acknowledgement, value and integration of diversity in the business culture in Germany. In a working environment free of prejudice, all staff should experience appreciation – irrespective of sex, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or worldview, handicap, age, sexual orientation and identity. We attach central importance to equal opportunity on entry and advancement in the profession.
Two Diversity Officers were appointed with the task of monitoring compliance with the obligation in the law firm. They are contact partners for all suggestions towards fulfilling the requirements of the Diversity Charter and confidential recourses in case of conflicts.

Pro Bono

As lawyers, we feel a special obligation to fundamental and human rights. This means that we accept social responsibility and pursue justice - by doing what we do best: we provide our expertise and vindicate rights. As a member of the worldwide largest network of independent law firms, Lex Mundi, we participate in the Lex Mundi Pro Bono Foundation.
Through this charitable foundation we provide selected "Social Entrepreneurs“ with access to urgently needed legal advice. We gladly contribute in this way to positive social developments.

Noerr KinderCamp

Noerr KindercampAssuming social responsibility at Noerr can also take the following form: a holiday village for socially disadvantaged children and young people has stood in Thalgau on the shores of Lake Fuschl (Austria) since the beginning of May 2011 – the “Noerr KinderCamp”.
More than ten charitable organizations from Germany, Romania and Austria have every year since then sent children for a week’s stay at the camp. The holiday village came about on a Saturday at the end of April 2011: Noerr’s approximately 450 lawyers, tax advisors and public accountants took up saws, hammers and paint brushes at the “Wir 2011” conference for advisors. We think that we have laid a colourful foundation stone for many carefree hours. Our greatest wish is that children and young people can take home impulses for their future lives based on the positive experiences they have – under educational supervision – at the Noerr KinderCamp.


The work of our professionals has been honoured in multiple instances by well-known legal manuals and awards. 

Juve Award 2014 - M&A 
 2014LegalBusiness 2013JuveOsten 
 2013JuveIT  2012JuveRestrukturierung  2012JuveVertrieb
 2012JuveBankrecht  2012EuropeanLawFirm  LawfirmGermany


The founder of Noerr was attorney Dr. Eduard Oehl. He opened a law office in Munich with two partners in 1950. In 1983 the partnership selected the names of senior partners Nörr, Stiefenhofer and Lutz as its new name.

In 1989 the partnership opened an office in Frankfurt am Main. Dresden, Budapest, and Prague followed in 1990, Warsaw in 1992, Berlin in 1993, Moscow in 1994, Bucharest in 1998, Düsseldorf in 1999, Bratislava in 2004, New York in 2005, London in 2010, Alicante in 2011 and Brussels in 2014.

On 31 December 2009, the name of the law firm was shortened to Noerr. At the same time, its legal form in Germany changed from that of a German partnership to that of the internationally known and established English Limited Liability Partnership.

Increasing internationalisation of our client base is the reason. The law firm needs a name which is short, easily memorised and pronounced while retaining the goodwill established over many decades. Noerr, without the German "ö", was chosen so that the name would not become distorted in electronic communication.