Transformation by design

Accelerated by megatrends such as digitalisation, decarbonisation and deglobalisation, the world’s economic and social transformation is gaining momentum. This creates upheaval and fragmentation and at the same time opportunities and potential. We help you anticipate both, empowering you to drive these events, rather than be driven by them. This frees up your productive energies to grasp and build on future opportunities when and as they arise.

Man running at riverside transformation

We advise:

  • Europe’s largest retailers along their circular economy journey.
  • the industrial hydrogen initiative to help realise a nationwide hydrogen filling station network across Germany.
  • DAX corporations as they embrace ESG-linked financing models for ecological, social and economically sustainable value creation.
  • a leading global private equity company for the first-time privatisation of a German state bank.
  • a globally leading car manufacturer as it develops new digital products and business models.
  • the German Federal Government in implementing its energy transformation policy and the legally compliant pursuit of digital technologies.