Innovation and disruption

We analyse, anticipate and think ahead. This approach helps make our clients’ innovation and vision a reality. In short, we build new paths into the future and create sustainable success.

Woman sitting in front of window wall with virtual reality device innovation

The key to success is increasingly linked to innovations such as blockchain, as well as other digital technologies and business models with disruption potential.

As game changers, we welcome breakthroughs and disruptions. As thought leaders, we unlock their potential today.

As a thought leader and pioneer:

  • we support you in developing new digital marketplaces and ecosystems based on distributed ledger technology (such as blockchain, NFTs and ITO (IT outsourcing)).
  • we give companies legal certainty when they set up their own data economies.
  • we advise on the development of future mobility strategies.
  • we address the legal protection issues of autonomously acting systems, especially autonomous driving.
  • we support patent issues for players in the key technologies of life sciences, biotechnology, IT and aerospace.
  • we provide in-depth analysis on the potential of digital business models in the city of the future.
  • we support the development and use of marketable AI in an increasingly regulated environment.
  • we advise on the reorganisation and resilience of supply chains within the context of geopolitical upheaval.
  • we are the publisher of the legal handbook Internet of Things.
  • we design our clients’ processes more efficiently using advanced legal technology solutions.


Digital transformation

Digitally driven innovation requires new approaches, bold decisions and sustainable change management. We are intent on following this path. On the one hand, we optimise our internal processes on an ongoing basis using an integrated information management model. On the other, we offer our clients legal tech solutions and services to make our work for them even more efficient. We have our own interdisciplinary team that continuously evaluates ideas, needs and current market developments and technologies to reach these goals. We then decide how to implement them into our client offerings. These include:

  • a uniform central digital infrastructure across all Noerr locations worldwide;
  • digitalised legal services and desks promoting more efficient client service;
  • data platforms allowing optimised internal and external collaboration, management of large data and document inventories, and effective legal project management;
  • extraction technologies for AI-supported analysis and classification of information from large data or document stocks, as well as e-discovery;
  • software-based document automation and contracts for use internally and likewise by legal departments and other specialist departments in companies;
  • legal consulting products and auditing tools for autonomous client use;
  • central data platforms (i.e. data lakes) for storing, consolidating and exchanging client-relevant data and analysing such data (i.e. data analytics).