Diversity unlocks the future

More than 1,200 people from more than 30 nations work in our 15 offices.

Hands forming heart symbol in city diversity

Valuing differences and individuality is part of our cultural DNA. It is central to our strategy. This is why we have expanded our diversity policy to encompass inclusion for greater equity (i.e. real equality regardless of age, disability, gender, origin, religion or sexual orientation).

Specifically, we pursue these goals across three initiative areas:


Diversity defines us and makes us successful: our teams are international, interdisciplinary and interculturally competent. Their wealth of personalities and perspectives is valuable in and of itself. At the same time, their ability to find innovative and creative solutions provides added value for our clients.

We signed the Diversity Charter in 2012. We have always nurtured a culture of diversity.

In fact, we live, think and breathe diversity, and we:

  • drive relevant issues with a permanent diversity committee;
  • maintain a firm-wide diversity network;
  • are involved in the following initiatives and networks;
    • International Bar Association LGBTI Law Committee
    • Prout Employer Partner Programme
    • RAHM Global LGBT & Leadership Community
    • Initiative Women into Leadership e.V.
    • LeadershipNext Academy
    • Network of multicultural lawyers e.V.
  • participate in the PANDA Women Leadership Network and the LGBT+ job and career fair Sticks & Stones;
  • participate in the “Gesicht zeigen” list run by the legal LGBTIQ+ career network ALICE;
  • advise the Charter of Diversity e.V., the PrOut@Work Foundation, the Women into Leadership e.V. initiative and Uhlala GmbH, along with many others, on a pro bono basis;
  • award a diversity scholarship to law students who engage in social, political or volunteer work, come from a disadvantaged background and/or whose parents do not have a higher education.

Noerr Her

No glass ceilings, no discrimination and women-specific support. The three letters “Her” stand for women’s natural right to participate equally in all areas of life – and our initiative to realise this right in our firm, the legal profession and beyond.

We don’t just want equality on paper, we want real equality of opportunity in all areas. That’s why our programme is reserved for female colleagues to address a number of issues:

  • The Her Rise initiative is part of our unique education, training and professional development programme. It supports and encourages our advisors to succeed within a team as well as with clients. It also encourages them to take on leadership responsibility by offering courses on topics ranging from self-marketing to awareness of gender-specific communication methods.
  • The Her Network is our platform for regular communication and cross-firm networking for Noerr’s female lawyers.
  • The Her Executive Circle brings together female executives from business, academia and the public sector. It aims to promote the advancement of women and boost their representation in leadership positions.
  • The Her Mentor Programme provides young female lawyers and tax advisors with mentors from among our partners who accompany them on their way to the top.


Our job is challenging and demanding. Although we’re fully engaged, we strive to maintain a sustainable pace. With the Thrive programme, we take care of everyone’s physical and mental well-being. It’s how we master our professional challenges with joy, energy and success, regardless of our individual personality style.

Thrive establishes our firm’s health culture in a three-stage process:

  1. Inform
    We impart relevant knowledge on the topics of well-being and physical and mental health in training courses and seminars.
  2. Empower
    We enable employees to develop their own specific strategies and methods in workshops and coaching sessions.
  3. Implement
    Together, we use this knowledge and these tools in everyday life to increase our well-being along the path of mindfulness and self-care. We manage our strength sustainably and maintain our mental and physical health over the long term.