Sustainability in word and deed

Preserving our society’s ecological, economic and social foundations is as necessary as it is urgent, morally obligatory and economically prudent. Sustainability is both a responsibility and an opportunity for us.

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Working consistently towards becoming climate neutral

We are working to make Noerr a climate-neutral law firm. This is an ambitious goal. Yet given the dramatic consequences of climate change, we believe that now is not the time to despair, but rather to act. This is why we are committed to going beyond legal requirements to reduce our carbon footprint: 25 per cent by 2024, 50 per cent by 2029 and then gradually to zero.

In order to monitor these goals, Noerr’s sustainability team has been determining our CO2 emissions since 2019 using the internationally recognised Greenhouse Gas Protocol. In order to reach our goals, we are already replacing business trips with virtual meetings and planes with trains whenever possible. We will compensate for unavoidable trips by supporting high-quality climate protection projects.

Because we know every little bit helps, we make large and small changes and

  • use 100% green electricity at our German locations;
  • create financial incentives for using local public transport;
  • offer free use of bicycles;
  • use the climate-neutral search engine Ecosia throughout our firm;
  • consistently reduce paper consumption.

These initiatives alone are only the beginning and thus we are also continuously working with third parties to enhance the learning process and reduce emissions. That is why we are involved in the sustainability network of German business, econsense. We collaborate with other forward-thinking organisations to create best-practice models for adopting and embedding sustainability in our day-to-day operations.

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Responsibility throughout our supply chain

For us, sustainability extends beyond the walls of the workplace. As a result, we not only assume responsibility for the social and environmental consequences of our direct business activities, but we also pay attention to those of our business partners, including our suppliers and service providers.

As one of the leading international law firms, we must, can and want to make a far-reaching positive contribution to sustainable development by identifying supply chain risks, avoiding human rights and environmental protection violations, mitigating potential negative impacts, and thus increasing resilience and future viability.

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