Volker Bock

Practice Group: Real Estate Investments
Practice Group: Liability & Insurance

Volker Bock works mainly on national and international plant and industrial construction. He advises on construction and real estate issues of contract drafting for industrial and commercial properties. Volker Bock has long experience in the settlement of disputes, whether outofcourt, before state courts or arbitration tribunals. He is particularly estimated for his ability to understand complex technical facts and to integrate his understanding for the benefit of the legal work.


  • Plant construction
  • Project developments
  • Litigation, including Arbitration proceedings and ADR
  • Private Construction law


  • Legal studies at the University of Bayreuth and TU Dresden
  • With Noerr since 2005
  • Admitted to the Sachsen Chamber of Lawyers

Selected Projects

  • Advise on project developments for various major industrial properties within and outside Germany (including, inter alia, Bulgaria, China, India, Qatar, Malaysia, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Czech Republic). He is working for employers as well as for contractors and banks in various fields of commerce. A particular focus in his work are energy and semiconductor industry. 
  • Advising large energy company in a major, technically and legally complex arbitration proce-dure with regard to a power plant.
  • Advising German contractor in several lawsuits of economic relevance and with legal and technical complexity with regard to the turnkey construction of an industrial plant.


  • Frequently recommended lawyer for Plant construction and Project development, JUVE Handbook since 2012, (“immeasurably valuable in plant construction”)
  • Recommended lawyer for Construction (including Construction litigation), Legal 500 Germa-ny since 2014 (“the ‘experienced’ Volker Bock (…) and Stefan Weise are considered to be the key figures in a team which is specialized in plant construction and project development.”).

Selected Publications

  • Spielraum des Anlagenbauers bei fehlender Beschaffenheitsvereinbarung | OLG Dresden v. 09.07.2015 - 9 U 1777/08, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR 12/2015 Anm. 2
  • Sicherheit nach § 648a BGB trotz Angebot einer Vorauszahlung | OLG Köln v. 23.04.2015 - I-3 U 124/14, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR 10/2015 Anm. 4
  • Doch kein Ende des Erfüllungsgehilfen bei der Anlagenlieferung? | OLG Hamburg v. 23.01.2013 - 13 U 198/10, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR 5/2015 Anm. 3 
  • Risiken aus Projektverträgen – Grundstücke, Planung, Bau in: Herbes/Friege (Hrsg.), Hand-buch Finanzierung von Erneuerbare-Energie-Projekten, 2015
  • Rücktritt vom Kraftwerksbauvertrag: Anlagenbauer haftet für Mängel auch im "technischen Neuland" | OLG Koblenz v. 30.01.2013 - 5 U 324/12, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR 2/2014 Anm. 3 
  • Drohender Verlust von Mängelansprüchen im Anlagenbau: § 377 HGB, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR, 8/2013
  • Abtretung von Schlussrechnungsforderungen – Fallstricke für den Zessionar, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR, 4/2013
  • Fünf Jahre Mängelhaftung beim Kauf einer Freilandphotovoltaikanlage, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR, 11/2012
  • Trotz unklarer Leistungsbeschreibung: In der Regel kein Dissens gemäß § 155 BGB!, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR, 10/2012 
  • Zusatzvergütung für ursprünglich geschuldete Werkleistung?, in: jurisPR-PrivBauR, 7/2012
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