Marco Tucci, LL.M.

Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer), certified specialist in employment law
Practice Group: Employment & Pensions
Practice Group: Digital Business

Marco Tucci is a partner and a member of our Employment & Pensions and Digital Business practice groups. He provides national and international companies with wide-ranging employment advice, especially in complex restructuring projects.

Marco’s key practice areas also include employment law matters in media enterprises, transfers of undertaking, outsourcing, managing directors’ contracts, collective bargaining, disputes involving employees’ rights and representation, and legal issues involving the use of outside staff.


  • Individual employment law
  • Collective employment law
  • Service contract law
  • Employment law for media companies
  • Managing directors’ contracts
  • Employment law for corporate restructurings
  • Transfers of undertaking/outsourcing
  • Collective bargaining law
  • Disputes concerning employees’ rights
  • Legal issues relating to outside staff


  • Studied law at the Universities of Passau and Munich
  • Academic assistant at the University of Munich
  • At Noerr since 2002
  • Admitted to the Munich Chamber of Lawyers


  • Munich Lawyers’ Association (DAV)
  • Employment Law Working Group of the German Lawyers’ Association (DAV)
  • Publishing Industry Lawyers’ Working Group (Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Verlagsjustitiare)