Prof. Dr. Sebastian Wündisch, LL.M.

Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer)
Practice Group: Intellectual Property
Practice Group: Healthcare

Sebastian Wündisch is an internationally recognised lawyer in technology transfer and licensing covering almost all fields of technology. Sebastian advises technology driven companies, including global players, Dax-30 and mid-sized companies and start-ups and represents his clients in both arbitration and court proceedings.


  • Intellectual property law, in particular: patent law, employee invention law, trademark and competition law
  • Technology transfer, licensing law, research and development contracts, research advancement
  • Law of universities and research organisations
  • IT law and internet law
  • Media and copyright law


  • Studied law at the University of Passau, Dresden University of Technology and the University of Exeter (UK)
  • Doctorate at University of Leipzig
  • Experience abroad: secondment at law firm in New York (USA)
  • At Noerr since 2002
  • Admitted to the Dresden Chamber of Lawyers


  • Honorary professorships in intellectual property and technology transfer at TU Dresden and IP and licensing law at the University of Leipzig
  • Head of the Research Centre for Research Promotion and Technology Transfer at the Insti-tute of Intellectual Property, Technology Law and Media Law, TU Dresden
  • Chairman of the Central-East Regional Group of the German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR)
  • Director of the Institute of Intellectual Property, Technology Law and Media, TU Dresden
  • Licensing Executive Society

Selected Publications

  • Verträge über Forschung und Entwicklung (with Hans-Peter Rosenberger), 3rd edition 2017
  • Employee-Inventors Compensation in Germany – Burden or Incentive, les Nouvelles, Journal of the Licensing Executives Society International, June 2017
  • Know-how-Schutz, Götting/Kaiser, Wettbewerbsrecht, 2016
  • Urhebervertragsrecht – Handbuch (with Christian Berger), 2nd edition 2015
  • Beihilfen für Forschung, Entwicklung und Innovation, Birnstiel/Bungenberg/Heinrich, Europäisches Beihilfenrecht, 2013
  • Lizenzen in der Insolvenz – eine unendliche Geschichte? (with Christian Pleister), NZI 2012, p. 1792
  • Leerverkäufe – nicht nur ein Thema für Finanzmärkte, GRUR 2012, p. 1003
  • Patent-Cross-Lizenzverträge – Terra Incognita? (with Stephan Bauer), GRUR Int. 2010, p. 641