Dr Christoph Rieken, LL.M. (University of London)

Rechtsanwalt (Lawyer)
Practice Group: Intellectual Property
Practice Group: Corporate/Mergers & Acquisitions

Christoph Rieken advises on intellectual property (IP) law, with a focus on trade mark law, unfair competition law, design law and copyright law. Christoph has comprehensive experience in IP-related disputes and regularly represents parties before the German courts. Moreover, Christoph advises on licence and coexistence agreements and other IP-related commercial agreements such as merchandising and sponsoring agreements. Christoph’ s practice also encompasses strategic consulting on the choice of brands and company logos, including availability searches, application procedures and representation in opposition and nullity proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office. Another focus of his work is advising on IP transactions, including estab-lishing and exploiting collateral for IP rights in the context of granting loans.


  • Intellectual property, especially trademark law, fair trading practices law, design law and copyright law
  • IP litigation
  • IP transactions
  • Licences and merchandising


  • Studied law at the Universities of Würzburg and London
  • Admitted to the Munich Chamber of Lawyers in 2006
  • Worked several years for international law firms
  • With Noerr since 2015


  • Frequently recommended lawyer for trademark, design and competition law: “very good and tough negotiator in complex trademark disputes”, competitor, JUVE Handbook (2017/2018) "cooperative and dedicated“, competitor JUVE Handbook(2018/2019), "very pleasant and good at trademark law", competitor JUVE Handbook (2019/2020) „good negotiator“, competitor JUVE Handbook (2020/2021)
  • Acknowledged by WTR 1000: "He has made the consumer goods industry his own and is also well connected in the textiles field" and Managing Intellectual Property – IP Stars (2018): “Christoph Rieken is a key trade mark partner in the IP department.”


  • German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (GRUR)
  • International Trademark Association (INTA)

Selected Publications

  • Der Schutz olympischer Symbole: Schutzrechte an den Olympischen Ringen und den olympischen Bezeichnungen in Deutschland, Mohr Siebeck, Tübingen 2008
  • Inderst/Bannenberg/Poppe Compliance, 3rd edition; C.F. Müller 2017; Intellectual Property 366 - 380
  • MarkenR 2019, 399-403: Kennzeichnung von Influencer-Werbung (with Dr. Stefanie Hermann)
  • GRUR-Prax 2017, 428: Faktoren zur Bestimmung der bösgläubigen Unionsmarkenanmeldung
  • GRUR-Prax 2016, 440: Anm. zu BPatG: Verwechslungsgefahr zwischen Salamander und Sanamander
  • GRUR-Prax 2016, 148: Anm. zu High Court of Justice: KitKat-Keine Unterscheidungskraft durch Benutzung MarkenR 2006, 439-445
  • MarkenR 2015, 173-178: Zum Schutz olympischer Bezeichnungen nach der BGH Entscheidung "Olympia-Rabatt"
  • MarkenR 2014, 365-370: Zum erweiterten Schutz bekannter Marken gegen Keyword-Advertising in Deutschland
  • MarkenR 2013, 334-339: Umfang und Grenzen des Schutzes olympischer Symbole
  • MarkenR 2013, 63-66: Insolvenzfeste Gestaltung von Lizenzen nach M2Trade/Take Five (with Timo Conraths);
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