JUVE Awards 2022 – Noerr is Law Firm of the Year for Real Estate & Construction and for Company/Succession/Trusts


Noerr has received the awards of Law Firm of the Year for Real Estate & Construction and Law Firm of the Year for Company/Succession/Trusts at the JUVE Awards 2022. The legal sector publisher JUVE presented the JUVE Awards during a gala at the Old Opera House in Frankfurt on Thursday evening.

JUVE nominated Noerr as one of five law firms in the category of Real Estate & Construction. The publisher said, “The firm has impressively shown how a smooth generational change in a practice group can work. Not only clients praise Annette Pospich’s practice in the highest terms, but also competitors. She has turned the team around within a short period of time and formed a powerful squad of proven partners and strategically sensible new hires.”

According to JUVE, there is ample evidence of the strategy’s success. For example, the purchase of a residential portfolio worth billions belonging to Vonovia and Deutsche Wohnen, during which Noerr supported the purchaser Howoge. It also pointed out that there were numerous mid-cap deals, some for new clients such as Beos or Conren, in which young lawyers also played leading roles.

“We would like to thank our clients for the great trust they have placed in our advice,” said Annette Pospich, who heads the Real Estate Investment Group and accepted the award. “This award is testament to the outstanding performance of a fantastic team that works together with a positive team spirit.”

Noerr also won the award of Law Firm of the Year for Company/Succession/Trusts. The Family-Owned Businesses & Private Clients team that won the JUVE award is led by Tobias Bürgers and Wolfram Theiss.

JUVE explained, “The firm is one of the classic advisors for family-owned businesses and high-net-worth private clients. Partners have supported a large number of clients with traditional fortunes for generations.” Yet Noerr has managed to reinvent itself, JUVE said. Over the past few years it has shaped a practice group more consistently than any of its competitors, taking a holistic view of corporate succession and asset structuring across all disciplines. JUVE pointed out that this is difficult to organise and therefore rarely found in law firms. Noerr thus delivers on what all large law firms actually promise and which is particularly evident in the restructuring of family-owned businesses, but also for example in investments by high-net-worth individuals, JUVE concluded.

“We are delighted about these honours,” said Tobias Bürgers and Wolfram Theiss. “The JUVE Awards confirm our long-term strategy of linking the relevant areas such as corporate, litigation and tax as well as topics related to assets, succession and foundations in an interdisciplinary manner.”

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