Noerr advises Foresight on the consolidation process of the German energy company HH2E


A team from Noerr, led by Tibor Fedke, Jan-Philipp Meier, and Ira Tsoures, has advised the leading listed infrastructure and private equity investment manager, Foresight Group, during the process of redefining its participation in HH2E AG. HH2E develops and builds green hydrogen plants and intends to operate a production capacity of 4 GW at various locations in Germany by 2030.

The process included the consolidation of the previous HH2E holding company and two project companies in the German town of Lubmin at the Baltic Sea and in Thierbach (Saxony) for the construction of green hydrogen production plants. HH2E AG now holds the project companies alone. As a result of the consolidation, Foresight emerges as the major shareholder of HH2E AG, while HydrogenOne maintains its stake at approximately 11%. The co-founders, together with other private shareholders, hold the remaining 34%.

In additon to this, Noerr will continue advising Foresight on matters realted with their participation in HH2E.

Foresight has held interests in HH2E since 2022. At that time, the partners HH2E, Foresight and HydrogenOne agreed a master agreement regarding the planning, construction and funding for a total of five green hydrogen production plants. In early 2023, a project involving the construction of a hydrogen power plant in Thierbach with a capacity of 1 GW was launched. In mid-2023, Foresight also acquired 90% of the shares in the project company set up to develop one of the largest green hydrogen production plants in Europe to date near Lubmin, now fully integrated in HH2E AG. Further planned projects are expected to be of a similar scale.

Noerr teams headed by Berlin partner Tibor Fedke assist clients during M&A transactions in the fields of energy and infrastructure on a regular basis. Noerr previously provided Foresight with extensive advice on its investment in HH2E AG, the agreement of a project development partnership and the Thierbach and Lubmin projects.

Foresight is a leading listed infrastructure and private equity investment manager. It actively invests in Europe and Australia and currently has assets under management worth £11.9 billion.


Advisors to Foresight: Noerr

Lead: Tibor Fedke (partner, Berlin), Jan-Philipp Meier (partner, Hamburg), Ira Tsoures (senior associate, Berlin)

Corporate, M&A: Ralph Schilha (partner, Munich), Anne-Kristin Schiller (associated partner, New York), Daniel Fuchs (senior associate, Berlin), Lilli Frederike Sachse (senior associate, Berlin), Tobias Kohrs (associate, Berlin), Ilya Hatskevich (senior associate, Hamburg), Martin Dopychai (senior associate, Dusseldorf), Karl Uwe Fuchs (associate, Berlin), Julia Failer (project lawyer, Berlin), Elizabeth Haag (project lawyer, Berlin)

Energy: Patrick Jäger (senior associate), Michelle Gauttier (senior associate, both Berlin)

Banking & Finance: Alexander Schilling (partner), Sebastian Bock (partner), Martina Buller (senior associate), Ana-Maria Mirceta (senior associate, all Frankfurt)

Capital Markets: Stephan Schulz (partner), Jan Hoffmann Linhard (senior associate), Juri Stremel (senior associate, all Hamburg)

Corporate & Financial Litigation: Ben Kempe (partner, Berlin)

Commercial: Mansur Pour Rafsendjani (partner, Munich), Torsten Kraul (partner, Berlin), Lukas Schu (associate, Frankfurt), Niklas Maamar (associate, Berlin)

Antitrust & Competition: Kathrin Westermann (partner, Berlin)

Financial Services Regulation: Thomas Heitzer (partner, Dusseldorf)

Restructuring: Marlies Raschke (partner, Dresden), Anna-Luise Werder (senior associate, Berlin)

Tax: Martin Haisch (partner, Frankfurt), Andre Happel (partner, Frankfurt), Oliver Schließer (partner, Munich), Benedikt Rippert (senior associate, Frankfurt), Florian Traub (senior associate, Munich), Antonia Bach (associate, Frankfurt), Eric Epler (associate, Dresden)

Regulation: Bärbel Sachs (partner, Berlin), Hendrik Schlutt (counsel, Berlin), Carsten Bringmann (associated partner, Dusseldorf)

Real Estate/Plant Construction: Volker Bock (partner), Markus Zeibig (counsel), Johann Bruder (senior associate, all Dresden)

Employment & Pensions: Johannes Allmendinger (associated partner, Frankfurt)

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