Compliance & Investigations

Legislators and authorities across the globe are tightening regulatory requirements for companies and punishing breaches with increasingly heavy penalties. Fines and confiscation of assets present a considerable risk in terms of the costs and damage to a company’s reputation. At the same time, companies are at risk of losing government support or being subjected to compliance monitoring.

Effective compliance management systems have long since become the most sustainable response to these challenges in practice. Adapted to reflect legal developments, changes in supervisory and enforcement practices, modern technologies and digitalised business models, they help you to identify risks at an early stage and to avoid liability risks as effectively as possible.

If, despite this, compliance breaches are suspected in your company, internal investigations are a key instrument for carrying out a structured and thorough investigation of the facts. By actively managing internal investigations, you retain the power to act even in critical situations, to react appropriately and to minimise the risk of penalties and reputational damage – not least in the interests of your stakeholders.